Big Bass Fishing

Big bass fishing in North Iowa. North Iowa has a few good places to catch big bass. I have had really good luck fishing all the pits located around the Mason City area. Unfortunately you may have to be a little sneaky when it comes to a few of the pits. The pits in Lester Milligan Park or Big Blue as its known by the locals that live here can also produce some nice bass. Unfortunately this area has become very polluted over the years. People have treated it like a trash can rather than a nice recreational area.

My Top 10 Big Bass Fishing Locations in North Iowa

  1. My Secret Spot – Sorry I can’t give this one away.
  2. Briarstone Lake – You need to keep a low profile here.
  3. Spring Lake
  4. Willow Creek
  5. Shell Rock River
  6. Beaver Creek
  7. Wapsipinicon River
  8. Cedar Lake and River
  9. Lester Milligan Park back pits
  10. Bluebill Wildlife Area

Here is a fun fact for you. Did you know the shell rock river was once considered one of the best bass fishing rivers in the world. This was a little before my time but I bet there are still some monsters in there. North Iowa we want to see your big bass pics. Click here to upload your bass photos.



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