This Video is a great way to show you how to catfish even without a lot of experience, and also the huge catfish that are waiting to be caught.

Video Transcript:

Bring it up, bring the tip up, bring the tip up! Bring the tip up. There you go man! Bring it all the way up! Ugh! Aaargh! Oh, shoot, man! How strong is it? Oh, I just saw it! Ho-oh my my god, it’s a big one! So, we rented a boat here, um… and they have these row boats, but if you’re not good at rowing, You could be washed all the way downriver, and that’s not a good–that’s not a good thing. So we’ve got our own gas powered motor here. It is a Honda four-stroke, I think is only like 2 horsepower or something, but it works perfect Don’t need anything too big. We’re just on a river here, and we’re lucky enough to have gotten the last boat, this place sells out of boats like, really quickly. This is a place that I’ve been coming to since I was probably like 7 or 8, every year a bunch of big striped bass, herring, uh, white perch, big catfish– every year a whole bunch of fish come here and uh, every year we come here to try and catch them.

Erin isn’t here with us today because– because she’s back at home doing some editing work– for those of you guys who don’t know Erin does like most of the editing work, uh, she spends like hours and hours doing that stuff, so I’m just–I’m not sure if you guys knew that or not. Catch. Ready? Oh, did you see that fish just jump? Yeah, I heard it. So… We are throwing what is called a “Shad dart.” and it’s basically… this thing. Kind of like a jig head, with a little skirt on the bottom of it. Cast it back out. To the left, upstream. *swish–thunk!* What the–?? What’d you do, man? You almost hooked yourself! Oh, you got one? Nice, you got one! Is it a big one, Daniel? Huh? Ooh, nice one.

Coming up on me! Got’em. Okay, stop it. Look at what you’ve done to the tip up here. Giant one? I don’t know what that is. Is it a catfish? I have no idea. Woowoowoo! Woah woah woah woah woah. Don’t lose it. What you got on there? It’s kind of big! It might be a rockfish.

It might be a rockfish? Ha! Maybe two fish at once! But I don’t know… Maybe you doubled up, I’m thinking you doubled up. Let’s see, let’s see. You hooked it in the back. It’s a big one but you hooked it in the back. That doesn’t count! Whew, That’s a pretty big one. Oh, man, it took–! It took all my–!! It took your whole rig? It took my whole rig. Oh no. Daniel, slow it down. There we go, Daniel! Nice one! Nice, okay, you can keep it in the water. You don’t need to bring it out here. Put the rod between your legs Give it some line.

We’ll go out there and free it. There you go. Put your hand in there like you mean it, grab it by the lower lip, not the upper lip, the lower lip. The lower lip? But it’s– the hook’s there. Put your finger in it, put your thumb in it, grab it! Hold on tight! Grab it tight. Now– Unhook it, there you go, man! That’s how you do it! Hey, high five. Danny. Okay, so we gut-hooked this fish, and um… You know, instead of, uh, letting it die out there, we just killed it and we’re going to use it for bait. Um, yeah, this is great bait.

Catfish, stripers, and uh, yeah, go ahead. Let’s just hook on the whole head, Dad. Alright. Alright. Oh $#!@ it got off! Yeah… Is the bait still there? It was screaming… Did it take all the bait? It bit the whole thing off… Something–something just ate our entire, uh, our entire rig off and snapped us off in a second, How many– how many pound test do we have on there? Pretty big? Yeah, and it still– it still managed to snap it somehow. Must have been a pretty big fish. He’s got something in his hand, he grabbed something and there’s something in his…

Oh, it’s got something. That hawk’s got something! Oh, yeah, he’s definitely got a fish. That’s what we want! Oh, there we go! Yeah. There we go. Here, Daniel. Here, here, here. You want me to do this? Yeah. Of course I want you to do it, this is– I’m taking you fishing, man! There you go, don’t let go, okay? Bring the tip up! Bring it to the sky, there you go. Daaang, Daniel. Daaamn, Daniel! And you got a GoPro on your head now. Alright, slow it down, slow it down, you need to– you don’t– let it fight a little bit, let it fight a little bit. Bring the tip up. Keep it up. Stand on top of that seat, Daniel.

You got it. I got you. Bring it up, bring the tip up, bring the tip up! Bring the tip up! There you go, man! Bring it all the way up! Oh, shoot man, how strong is it? Ho-oh, my god, it’s a big one! All right Bring the tip up, don’t reel any more, just bring it up, bring it up. There we go, swing it over to the side so I can pull it off. This way, to the right, swing it to the right. Come on, come on, come on, almost there! There we go. ??? Whoa. Mama said, “Man, what’d you do to my son!?” Oh man, looks like it was swallowed. Alright, Daniel. Nice catfish. Do not throw it, okay? Cause it’s going to spike you.

Oh ho ho, is this the biggest fish ever? Yes! Definitely? It’s slipping, it’s slipping! Ha ha ha! Alright, alright, let’s throw this back, let’s throw him back. Hold it’s tail, hold it’s tail! Nice job, Daniel. It’s slippery. Wash it up well two hands. My hands are covered in this nasty slime. Bleh!! Ugh. What does it smell like, Daniel? It smells like fish. Yeah, but they’re a– they’re a great fight, and um, you know it’s a fun fish to catch sometimes. All right, it’s that time again Noon o’clock when the fish stop biting completely. We’ve basically been sitting here for like, about an hour now Nothing’s touched our bait.

We had about a 20 minute period Where we couldn’t stop the catfish from biting our bait But now it’s dead and this happens every time When the sun gets too high up in the sky for some reason the fish stopped biting If you guys like what you saw, please like and subscribe. We go through a tremendous effort to bring you guys this awesome show um, and we release an episode every week. Thank you guys for watching. I’m gonna get back home to Erin now. .


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