spoonbill fishing in missouri

We want to thank Toby English and Brett O’Donnell our Friends in Missouri, for submitting this pic of this river monster! This is spoonbill fishing in Missouri at its finest. Awesome catch guys!

The Spoonbill Fish

The spoonbill or paddlefish is closely related to the sturgeon. Spoonbill fish can be found in the Mississippi and Missouri River tributaries. The spoonbill can be found in 22 states. The paddlefish is an endangered fish and is protected by state and federal laws.

Spoonbill Fishing

To catch a spoonbill you generally need to snag it. Spoonbill fishing is prohibited unless in season. The season for fishing these river monsters in the Mississippi river is Mar 15th to May 15th and then again Sep 15th to Dec 15th. The spoonbill in the above picture was caught in the lake of the Ozarks snagmasters  spoonbill tournament.


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